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Ten Most Common Mold Spots in a Home

Pure Maintenance Mold Treatment Company recommends taking a look at these ten possible culprits.

Inside front loading washing machine
Is your front loading washer mold free?

1. North facing windows: As these windows receive less sun than other windows in the home so they tend to condensate more, mold can present itself in the window tracks.

2. Shower corner and caulk lines: Need we say more?

3. Bathroom fans: Ensure they are working properly as additional humidity can cause mold problems throughout the bathroom.

4. HVAC systems with humidifiers: Theses system typically require a filter. If unchanged they begin to work like a petri dish growing mold inside your system.

5. Rain gutters: Check to make sure gutters and clear of debris and remove water at least 6 feet from your home.

6. Landscaping: Do any areas in your yard slope towards the foundation of your home?

7. Cold storage areas: These slabs are poured after the foundation and rarely get a good waterproof seal between the wall and the ceilings.

8. Under sinks: Check cabinet for signs of past leak.

9. Fan ventilation: do bathroom fans vent outside or just into the attic?

10. Front loading washing machines: Check rubber membrane for signs of mold.

Do you want help inspecting your home for mold? Schedule a free inspection today.

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