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Preparing for Treatment

Preparing for treatment is simple and easy.

Watch the video below for an overview then use our simple check list to prep your home or office for treatment. 

Download Printable Prep Steps Checklist Here:

Ten Steps to Prepare for a Perfect Service:


  1. Ensure there are not active leaks or moisture issues remaining.

  2. Have all pets and people out of the building for 6 hours during and after the time of service.

  3. Leave all cupboards, closets, and drawers slightly ajar so that the dry fog treatment can reach those areas as well. Close all food containers and remove fruit or other food from counters.

  4. Disable alarm systems and fire alarms for the duration of the appointment as the dry-fog system may trigger the alarms.

  5. Open plastic tote lids and other storage containers you wish to be exposed to the treatment.

  6. Remove bedding to maximize exposure to mattresses.

  7. Have new furnace filters available and set them by the door. The technician will change the filters after the treatment.

  8. Have entry ways cleared to bring in hoses and equipment.

  9. Wipe down any dusty areas to help create a better coverage area for the final, Everpure, treatment.

  10. Have payment arrangements ready when your technician arrives—cash, check, or cards are accepted.

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