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Mycotoxin positive--what do I do now?

If you have done a MycoTOX Profile (contact us for testing) and the results show moderate to high levels of mycotoxins there are things you can do to help the body eliminate the toxins and prevent future exposures.  The first step is to eliminate or reduce exposure to mold.  The majority of exposures result from contaminated food, skin contact, and inhalation of spore-borne toxins, which is often caused by water-damaged buildings.  Inhalation of spore-borne toxins can be limited by detecting and eliminating damp and moldy environments, both indoor and outdoor. (Great Plains Laboratory, MycoTox Recommendation for Treatment.

If you suspect that indoor mold exposure is your problem schedule a Clear Air Treatment to eliminate the mold in your home/workplace/car. Watch this video of a Clear Air treated vs. a non-treated petri dish to see how effective this is.

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